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  • Stop your plagiarism. The wiki currently being severely lacking is not a reason to take stuff off of another wiki and slightly reword it. Keep this up and i'll ban you

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    • I'm working on rewording it. I would very much appreciate it if you reworded the information instead of just totally deleting it. As it stands, this wikia is missing ALOT of information that can be found pretty easily.

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    • I've said it once right at the OP. The wiki currently being lacking is not a reason to take stuff off of another wiki, even if said stuff just so happened to be something that i came up with in the past. Correction/rewording can come later, that's still not a reason to keep a plagiarized content to get a pass and stay. Not only you've picked the exact same format, it was only a slight rewording. If you're actually trying to put something, then put more effort than just taking it off of VSB, write a regular entry that doesn't look like an indexing wiki

      Trex doesn't agree to it, rules don't agree to it. Plagiarism is not something that we'd allow. Restore any of the changes, then i'll be forced to give you a temporary ban

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    • Well is this okay?

      Powers & Abilities

      Die Ewigkeit


      • Wewelsburg Longinus: His Holy Relic, an inferior version of Reinhard's Longinuslanze Testament. It can only be wielded by those of the Sakurai clan. The sword changes form to match with the weilder and grants the weilder the powers of its previous weilders, causing it to become stroger with each new user.  The sword's strongest  power, however, is the ability steal any abilitythe abilities of people slain by it, allowing it to grow more powerful the more people it slays.


      • Tubal Cain Curse: Tubal Cain can use the Briah of all the prvious possessors of Wewelsburg Longinus. Cain managed to absorb Beatrice's ability when Kai merged her.
        • May sasurahime carry all such taint, shoulder all such malice liberating me from woe and misery: Musashi Sakurai's Hadou Briah, his desire "I want to pass on the curse". It poisons the area around him, turning all living beings into corpses.
        • Begone, exile, for the realm of the gods welcomes you no longer: Rei Sakurai's Hadou Briah, formed from her desire "I want to force the curse onto others". It turns Longinus into a cannon, which can shoot out corrosive poison at long distances.
        • Koko da kuno wazawa imeshitehayasasura itamaechi kuranookikura: Kai Sakurai's Gudou Birah, "I want to take the curse onto myself".  Tubal Cain's body becomes completely covered in highlt corrossive poison, allowing him to decompose anything that touches him.
        • Donner Totentanz Walkure: Beatrice's Briah, which Cain obtained after Beatrice was absorbed. This allows Cain to gain the properties of lightning, becoming intangible and moving at the speed of lightning in addition to using his previous ability of Kai's. After Kai and Beatrice split, Tubal Cain lost this ability.
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    • Aside from the spelling error, it still mostly have the same content, especially the section where the Briah of each generations are listed. Beatrice's entry is even the exact same word per word. The Yetzirah section still have some bits that were exactly the same, some were changed, some were just slight reworded; if that's the only issue then i'll hear trex's opinion on the matter of whether it'd got a pass or not, but the proposal isn't just Yetzirah entry

      In any case, i'm not going to bother with this any more than i've already did since my initial intention was to give you a warning. Don't bother messaging either me ot trex simply to ask whether your proposed "rewording" is fine or not, because honestly that's the least of our concern right now. An advice, if what you're about to write is on the edge of being a plagiarized content, simply don't add it into the page. What you were doing was honestly just adding a load of work that honestly shouldn't even be necessary. If you're incapable of writing something without it being a plagiarized content, simply don't do it and leave it to someone else who can

      If you're so impatient about adding more content you had to take stuff from other places, then just go make your own wiki

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