Longinus Dreizehn Orden

Longinus Dreizehn OrderHoly Thirteen Knights (聖槍十三騎士団せいそうじゅうさんきしだん, Seisou Jū-San KishidanSeisho-San Kishidan?), also known as the Obsidian Round Table (黒円卓こくえんたく, Koku Entaku?) or the Longinus Thirteen, is an organization put together by Mercurius and led by Reinhard. Their mission is to help Reinhard acheive Alizuth and become a Hegemony God.


Formed in 1939 during WWII, it was originally created for high ranking Nazi officers by Heinrich Himmler and led by Reinhard Heydrich, later under the addition of Karl Kraft and the implementation of the Die Ewigkeit formula, all of it's members became the thirteen troops with the strongest power among the Nazi remnants commonly known as the Last Batallion (最後の大隊, Saigo No Daitai?, literally Letztes Bataillon).


Longinus Dreizehn Orden
Reinhard Portal
Tubal Cain Portal
Valeria Portal
Wilhem Portal
Reinhard Heydrich Sakurai Clan Valeria Trifa Wilhelm Ehrenburg
Mephistopheles Tubal Cain Christof Lohengrin Kaziklu Bey
Hagal Portal Ur Portal Algiz Portal Thurisaz Portal
Kei Portal
Rea Portal
Machina Portal
Rusalka Portal
Kei Sakurai Rea Himuro Goëtz von
Rusalka Schwagerin
Leonhard August Sonnenkind Machina Malleus Maleficarum
Tiwaz Portal Eihwaz Portal Laguz Portal Naudiz Portal
Eleonore Portal
Spinne Portal
Riza Portal
Schreiber Portal
Eleonore von
Unknown Riza Brenner Wolfgang Schreiber
Samiel Zentaur Rot Spinne Babylon Magdalena Hróðvitnir
Sowilo Portal Odal Portal Berkanan Portal Wolfsangle Portal
Ren Portal
Ren Fujii
Dagaz Portal

Former Members

Former Longinus Dreizehn Orden
Musashi Portal
Rei Portal
Kai Portal
Beatrice Portal
II. II. II. V.
Musashi Sakurai Rei Sakurai Kai Sakurai Beatrice Waltrud
von Kircheisen
Tubal Cain Tubal Cain Tubal Cain Valkyrie
Ur Portal Ur Portal Ur Portal Tiwaz Portal
Isaak Portal
Mercurius Portal
Isaak Karl Ernst Kraft
Eine Sonnenkind Mercurius
Eihwaz Portal Dagaz Portal


The Einherjar (エインフェリア, Einferia?), also know as the Three Knights (三騎士, San Kishi?) is a title bestowed to the Battalion Commanders and strongest members of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden after Reinhard and they serve directly under him. They are considerably stronger then the other members of Reinhard's Legion (save for Reinhard himself & Tubal Cain).

Machina Portal
Eleonore Portal
Schreiber Portal
Einherjar Nigredo Laguz Portal Einherjar Rubedo Sowilo Portal Einherjar Albeo Wolfsangle Portal

Just like Reinhard, if all Swastikas are not open, it is impossible to the Battalion Commanders to appear in the world. At the stage when three swastikas are opened, they are limited to barely materialize like an afterimage, and it has only about 30% or 40% of their original power. At the fourth swastika, half of their original power, all the Battalion Commanders can materialize upon the release of the fifth swastika. Within the sixth opening they regain nearly 80% of their power.

Displayal of Names

Some names, such as Goëtz von Berlichingen, Eleonore von Wittenburg and Beatrice Waltrud von Kircheisen had to be shortened to avoid deformation of the tables due to their length.

Longinus Dreizehn Orden
I.Reinhard Heydrich

II.Tubal Cain III.Valeria Trifa IV.Wilhelm Ehrenburg V.Kei Sakurai V.V. Beatrice Waltrud von Kircheisen VI.Rea Himuro VII.Goetz von Berlichingen VIII.Rusalka Schwagerin IX.Eleonore von Wittenburg X.Rot Spinne XI.Riza Brenner XII.Wolfgang Schreiber XIII.Mercurius

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